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Cloud ♥ Tifa
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All about Cloud and Tifa of Final Fantasy VII

☆ This is a little community dedicated to Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart, the hero and heroine of the popular RPG put out by Square-Enix (formerly Squaresoft) Final Fantasy VII. Here you can discuss these two characters and the relationship they had through fan art, fan fiction, and any which way you would like to!

We favor and support/promote the idea and coupling of Cloud Tifa (cloti - Image hosted by Photobucket.com) and their magnificant relationship, so feel free to profess your love of the couple and the game of Final Fantasy VII as well! Please only join this community if you truly like this couple, otherwise please no bashing, no flames, It doesn't matter what other couplings you like as well, we're an open community, just be friendly and everything should work out to everyone's liking.

**Also, we don't appreciate others coming into the community and arguing with members, that they themselves might have problems with members of this community. Please take your childish nonsense somewhere else, it will not be tolerated in this community. If you want to debate about your couple being right, go to a forum and play it out there. You're only setting a bad example for your own community. Thank you.

We hope you enjoy this community, please feel free to post any suggestions you might have.

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Cloud x Tifa is TEH HOLY love.

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Cloud/Tifa is canon childhood love.